Things to Do At Home to Stay Healthy During the COVID-19 Quarantine

Quarantine simply means that you will be ultimately spending a lot of time at home. It is therefore quite easy for you to lose shape due to poor eating habits thus becoming unhealthy if you do not follow a certain routine that you were previously accustomed to before quarantine. There are several things that you can do while still at home to ensure that you stay healthy and fit during this quarantine. This article talks about exactly that.


Drinking water is very important for our general and overall health. The amount of water that you should drink is premised on your age and other factors such as height and weight. For most people, water is readily available since tap water can also suffice, as it is affordable and healthy too. You can also add some lemon in case you want to make the water more refreshing and tasty. It is also great to point out that other drinks such as tea, coffee and different kinds of infusions are fitting options for hydration.

Eating a Balanced Diet

Unfortunately, no exact foods you can consume to enhance and boost your immune system to a level where it can be safe to say that you cannot contract the COVID-19 disease. However, you can decide to have a very balanced diet consisting of some fruits, vegetables and some whole grains to boost your immune system. Be sure to eat nutrient-rich foods to ensure the maintenance of your great health. More so, since you will spend a lot of time at home, it is incumbent on you to eat your food in portions to make sure that you do not consume more calories than essentially needed for the attainment of a perfect energy balance.

Proper Food Hygiene

Medical experts and specialists have postulated that COVID-19 can be easily transmitted through food consumption. It is therefore great to practice proper food hygiene to curb and inhibit any COVID-19 transmission through food. This can be attained through cleaning your hands for approximately 20 seconds before getting into the kitchen to prepare food and doing the same immediately after cooking. This includes cleaning and disinfecting surfaces while still ensuring that you clean any fruit before consumption.

Routine and Responsible Eating

Most people tend to eat more because of stress and other different kinds of mental exertion. A routine is therefore vital as it rids you of these kinds of incessant issues while simultaneously ensuring that you abide by your personal, well-defined and scheduled eating times. This helps to make sure that you can assume perfect control over your hunger pangs. Responsible eating makes sure that you avoid snacking even when you do not necessarily have to because of boredom in quarantine.

Working Out at Home

Physical workouts are great for your entire body and mind as well. A good work out session for an adult should be around 30 minutes whereas children should aim to have some proper physical activity of approximately one hour. This should range from usual, regular and basic sessions to high-intensity interval training for people more used and acquainted with intense and complex workouts. You could also follow and use some online work out classes. Dancing and aerobics sessions are also great as they all entail physical activity.

Ample Sleep

Sleep deprivation is very dangerous as it has calamitous consequences such weakened immunity and bad mental and physical health. Adults should strive to get at least 8 hours of sleep daily. COVID 19 could seriously affect your sleep patterns due to stress and anxiety. Your sleep should be improved by adhering to a specific sleep schedule and avoid smoking, drinking alcohol and taking coffee just before going to bed. Working out, decluttering your room and using cozy and comfortable beddings should aid to improve your sleep hence affecting and improving your overall health. Getting enough sleep is therefore paramount in these trying and testing times where the pandemic has brought everything to a standstill hence culminating in a lot of scaremongering and anxiety.

The quarantine period means you get to spend a lot of time at home with very little to do. Boredom and living a sedentary lifestyle can affect both your physical and mental health. It is hence important to consume a balanced diet, do some home workouts, and ensure you get enough sleep. In addition to this, be sure to stay in touch with your loved ones, especially those you do not get to see every day because of the quarantine. Doing these simple things will go a long way in keeping you healthy.