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Why Soda is so bad for Our Overall Health

Although there are many people that consume soda, not very many of them understand the negative health effects that this drink might have on them. In fact, soda and other carbonated beverages have been linked to osteoporosis and kidney diseases. In addition to this, people who drink soda instead of healthy beverages are less likely to get enough nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, and vitamin A. Furthermore, soda contains phosphoric acid, which reduces the level of magnesium and calcium in the body. Lack of these two nutrients can cause your body to operate at minimal efficiency. This article gives a deep insight into why soda is bad for your health, and why you should consider taking healthy beverages instead.

· Weight Gain

Studies show that the average American consumes about 45 gallons of sugary beverages every year. At the same time, 69% of American adults are considered overweight, an issue that has been blamed on Americans’ soda intake. The main reason why soda might cause excess weight gain is that it causes too much calorie intake. In fact, an individual who consumes a can of Coke a day has the potential to add 14.5 pounds every year, just from the calories in the soda alone. Another issue with soda is the method of consumption – drinking. By drinking, your body does not register fullness as fast as when eating. Therefore, you are likely to drink more soda without your body signaling you to stop. This causes a lot of calorie intake, and hence excess weight gain.

· Affects Your Heart Health

Apart from causing excess weight gain, drinking too much soda can also cause unhealthy heart health. The three main ingredients of soda include sugar, sodium, and caffeine. Caffeine and sodium have been proven to have detrimental health effects to the heart. Too much sodium causes increased food retention, while caffeine causes an increase in blood pressure and heart rate.

Moreover, soda can also cause you to develop metabolic syndrome, a condition characterized by numerous symptoms, such as raised glucose, elevated blood pressure, low HDL cholesterol, and abdominal girth.

· Soda Can Cause Diabetes

Research shows that soda has the potential to cause diabetes. In fact, individuals that consume 1 to 2 cans of soda on a daily basis have a 26% more chance of developing type 2 diabetes than those people that rarely consume these drinks. The main reason behind this is that soda makes body cells become resistant to insulin. When this takes place, the pancreas must work harder to produce more insulin, which will be responsible for eliminating glucose from the bloodstream. This causes the insulin levels to go up, leading to a condition referred to as insulin resistance. This health problem is the main reason behind metabolic syndrome, a major cause of type 2 diabetes.

· Negative Health Effects from Artificial Sweeteners

Instead of normal sugar, some sodas use artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, which can be very harmful. In fact, this sweetener has been linked to numerous health issues like multiple sclerosis, seizures, emotional disorders, and diabetes. Aspartame converts to methanol when exposed to high temperatures, which breaks down to formic acid and formaldehyde.

· Soda is a Complete Disaster for Dental Health

You obviously know that sugary soda is bad for your teeth. The main reason behind this is that soda contains acids like carbonic acid and phosphoric acid. When these acids are in the mouth, they create an acidic environment, making your teeth vulnerable to decay. In addition to this, the sugar contained in the soda creates digestible energy for bacteria. Combining this with the acids wreaks havoc on your overall dental health.

· No Nutritional Value

Soda has zero nutritional value to your body. Not only does it have negative health effects, but also there are no advantages of soda to outweigh them. Soda is just an unnatural product that causes harm to your body because all it contains is sugar, which can cause an increase to your blood sugar, weight gain, insulin resistance, diabetes, and other health complications.

For many years, drinking too much soda has been known to cause negative health effects. Any regular soda is not the only culprit here. In fact, diet drinks that use artificial sweeteners instead of sugar could also affect your health negatively. High rates of soda intake have been linked to different health issues, such as poor dental health, weight gain, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. These conditions can ultimately cause stroke, heart attacks, and even death. This article has clearly shown that soda is not good for your health. Therefore, you should be very cautious with the soft drink you take.

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