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Why is Water Important to Overall Health?

Water makes up a great percentage of your whole body. Therefore, it is right to say that water is highly important for the overall function of the body. Humans continuously lose water through sweat and urine. This water has to be frequently replaced for optimal health. Water is essential to life, and this article will give the main reasons as to why this is the case.

Water Prevents Dehydration

Dehydration comes about because of not consuming enough water, or due to too much fluid loss through sweat. Body cells do not function well without water, and a decrease in the body’s water levels triggers symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, mood changes, dry skin, dry mouth, dizziness, and loss of concentration. If the body continues to be more dehydrated, there is an increased risk of serious health problems like kidney stones, constipation, and urinary tract infections. Taking water on a regular basis can help prevent dehydration-related issues.

Water and Weight Loss

The feeling of thirst is usually mistaken for hunger. In fact, the thirst mechanism minimizes with age. Hence, if you do not take enough water, you can end up consuming too much food, leading to excessive weight gain. Therefore, taking water on a regular basis can help control your appetite. Drinking water prior to meals can help you eat less. This is something you ought to try if you are looking to lose weight. Consuming foods with high water content such as porridge, soups, fruits, and vegetables can also help in your weight loss campaign.

Water Boosts Overall Mood

Individuals that consume a lot of water tend to have better moods. One research showed that participants who drank an extra liter of water every day experienced less fatigue, sleepiness, and confusion. On the other hand, individuals who drank less water than normal experienced a decrease in their calmness, contentedness, and positive emotions.

Water Increases Brain Power and Memory

Research shows that drinking a lot of water boosts cognitive performance. Studies show that individuals who consume water as they do cognitive tasks perform better than those who do not. These results have been seen in both children and adults. Studies show that mild dehydration can impair cognitive performance in a significant way. Therefore, the next time you need all your brainpower, consider keeping a bottle of water next to you, and keep sipping.

Water Energizes Body Muscles

Body cells that are not able to maintain their fluid balance can shrivel, leading to muscle fatigue. When muscles do not have enough fluids, their performance decreases. Drinking water is essential when exercising. You should drink water before exercising, in the middle of exercises, and after your workout. This allows you to replace all the water lost through sweating.

Water Helps in Detoxification

Water is needed by the body to eliminate waste products and any toxins. The kidney needs water to remove waste and impurities from the blood. On the other hand, the liver requires water to neutralize toxins so that they are safely eliminated from the body.

Water Regulates Normal Body Temperature

Water contains a great heat capacity that helps limit body temperature changes in a warm or cold environment. Water allows the body to release heat when the surrounding temperature is higher than that of the body. This causes you to sweat, and the evaporation from the skin surface helps cool your body efficiently.

Water Acts as a Lubricant

The cartilage in joints and the spine contains about 80% water. Therefore, the spine and joints require water to function effectively. Thus, dehydration over the long-term can minimize your joints’ ability to absorb shock, causing joint pain.

Water is Essential for Digestion

Water plays a critical role in digestion of food. For instance, it is a major component of saliva, which helps digest food. In addition to this, the bowel requires water to function properly. Lack of water in the digestive system can cause issues like an overly acid stomach, stomach ulcers, and constipation. Adequate water helps keep everything flowing nicely along your gastrointestinal tract. Taking water and foods rich in fiber is the best combination for proper bowel function.

If you do not consume water on a frequent basis, you could be putting a toll on your overall health. This is because taking water can assist you to think better, lose weight, be in a better mood, and prevent numerous diseases. If you want to reap these benefits, then consider taking several glasses of water every single day.

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