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What Vaccines are Available at Urgent Care Centers?

Convenience is a big deal these days. Why? Because life moves at a faster pace than ever. This fact has led to all kinds of new business models and services that make things more convenient for people, and easier to access. Medical care is no exception. The outdated concept of waiting for hours when you have medical problem, or needing to make an appointment far in advance, is just that – outdated. With modern urgent care centers, it’s now possible to receive quality medical care without an appointment, and without waiting long.

You’re probably well aware of this; as a matter of fact, you’ve probably been into an urgent care center recently for a medical treatment, whether it was for yourself or a love one. It’s already gotten to the point where it’s difficult to imagine (or remember) what life was like before urgent care centers.

But the reason urgent care centers work is that they offer the great benefits of short wait times and a “drop in” policy with world class medical treatment, administered by highly skilled doctors and nurses. Maintaining the quality of the medical care offered is even more important than maintaining convenience; urgent care centers maintain both.

It’s not uncommon for people to be somewhat unaware of all the different medical services available at urgent care centers. Generally speaking, anything that is not life threatening can be treated at urgent care. But let’s get more specific.

What about something like vaccines? Are they available at urgent care centers? If so, which vaccines are available?

The quick answer is that it depends on the urgent care center. Each urgent care center will have its own set of services offered, and not all urgent care centers are functioning on the same level. Also, stocks of various vaccines can wax and wane in different areas. The only way to tell for certain that an urgent care center has a given vaccine is to call or write and ask – or to go and find out in person.

That being said, it’s a fairly safe bet that several or all of the urgent care centers in your area will offer a number of common vaccines, including:


Flu vaccines are the number one recommended way to prevent the spread of influenza, according to the World Health Organization.


There are two types of Hepatitis (A and B) and vaccines for both are available in many urgent care centers.


Vaccines to help prevent tetanus, an infection caused by Clostridium tetani bacteria are available at many urgent care centers. There are four different vaccines used today depending on the age of the patient.

Chances are, there are many more vaccines available in your urgent care center. If you’re not sure about certain vaccines or whether they’re necessary for you or a loved one, a personal visit to your local urgent care center is a good way to get rock solid advice in person, whether or not you decide to have any vaccinations administered that day.

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