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What is an X-Ray and when is it Used?

Imaging tests help physicians identify internal structure of your back in a non-invasive way. Through the test, your doctor is able to see any structural abnormality leading to back issues. The most common technique used by doctors to conduct the tests is X-Ray.


X-Ray is an older method that has been used for years to diagnose any pathologies in soft tissues and bones. X-Ray is also used to diagnose diseases such as kidney stones and lung cancer.

An X-Ray is quite common, as it is what a doctor conducts to evaluate joint and bone fractures immediately after an injury. An X-Ray procedure is painless and only requires the patient to lay still at the slightest movement.

Getting an X-Ray happens to be the fastest way to determine bone fracture or dislocation.

The Methodology Used

X-Rays are high frequency electromagnetic beams, which easily pass through a material with low density. This is the main reason why X-Rays are used to evaluate bone fractures and kidney stones.


  •  Advantage of X-rays is that they are more affordable than other scanning devices. If a patient requires a medical scan, an X-ray costs health insurance plans less than an MRI or a CT scan. It is also cheaper for a hospital or a doctor’s office to maintain an X-ray machine than an MRI or CT scan machine
  • Another advantage to X-rays is that they are easy to use. Some Urgent Care Facilities often offer X-ray right in their office and no need to go to the hospital, unless the scan shows something that requires a more thorough scan. If a patient requires a more advanced scan, either an appointment must be set up or the patient must be transported to a hospital that has this technology readily available.
  • Helps in Identifying cancer through a scan.
  • Helps in treating tumor and Bone fractures.


  • One disadvantage of X-rays is that they do not give detailed image of the body, so you are not able to see everything that sometimes is needed to diagnose a patient.
  • They do not use same form of energy in all types of scanning.
  • Large exposure to the rays may cause Skin cancer as well as many other forms of health issues.
  • Sometimes the DNA of the body is also noticed to be changed.

Physicians implement X-Rays to identify any pathological defects in the skeletal system. This technique is also used to identify diseases inside the body’s soft tissues such as gallstones, abdominal problems, and pulmonary edema.
Health Concerns

X-Rays have a health concern because too much exposure can cause damage to tissues. The reason behind this is that X-Rays use radiation to get a good view of internal body organs. Due to this, many X-Rays have to be conducted at once to give the best results. These rays can cause abnormal reactions inside the body.

X-Ray is popular radiographic test implemented by physicians to conduct diagnosis in the human body. X-Ray is an established technique, which allows the doctor to evaluate the inner body parts in two dimensions. X-Ray is used to view any alterations of the spine because of osteoarthritis, spine alignment issues, or vertebral structures.

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