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What Causes Flu?

Influenza is a type of virus responsible for causing what is commonly known as the flu. Flu is a health condition that affects the airways by making them produce overly more mucus, hence making breathing difficult. Some people experience a high rise in body temperatures, accompanied by sweating and coughing. So before you think of the ways to cure flu, it is important to understand its causes so that you can effectively treat it and prevent yourself from contracting it.

  • Influenza Virus

It is spread through air, body contact and contact with contaminated surfaces or objects. When an infected person coughs, the virus spreads into the air through droplets of saliva that are already infected. Upon inhalation by people who are not previously sick, they get infected with this virus and fall sick. If a healthy person encounters an infected person through hugging, chances are that they will exchange droplets of saliva and the healthy person will fall sick.

Similarly, if an infected person coughs and touches surfaces of desks, public transport and objects such as pens, they leave the virus on those surfaces or objects. If a healthy person touches these surfaces and objects then touch their mouths and noses, they transfer the virus into their systems and fall sick as a result.

  • Weakened Immune System

People with weakened immune systems are more at risk of contracting the virus than their counterparts with a strong immune system. This is because people with a weakened immune have lower white blood cells that help fight the virus, hence more chances of getting sick once they ingest or inhale the influenza virus. People with a stronger immune system, on the other hand, have more white blood cells and are more advantaged to fight the virus than those with lower immune systems.

People with low immunity may be experiencing health conditions like asthma, HIV/AIDS and diabetes, hence the effects may result in complications. Such people may prevent themselves from catching flu by taking appropriate medication for their initial health problem.

  • Coughs From Infected People

If an infected person coughs, they throw into the air droplets of saliva, which is infected. These are spread further by wind and that is the reason why people are advised to live in well-ventilated areas to reduce the chances of contracting the virus. If infected people are in a poorly ventilated room with healthy people, they exhale the droplets with the virus, making healthy individuals fall sick too. This is the main reason why the health departments advises people infected with the flu virus to place handkerchiefs on their mouths to prevent them from spreading the virus into the air and getting other people sick.

  • Contaminated Surfaces

When infected persons cough, the spread droplets of their saliva onto their hands and transfer them onto the surfaces and objects they touch and hold. Upon healthy people touching the surfaces and holding such objects then later touch their mouths and noses, they ingest the virus into their systems hence falling sick. The most appropriate and honorable thing for people infected with flu is to keep off school and workplaces to avoid infecting their fellow schoolmates and workmates since they cannot fully avoid touching surfaces and holding public objects such as doorknobs.

  • Contact with Infected People

People always love getting intimate and displaying affection through holding of hands, kissing, hugging and cuddling. There are high chances that people will transfer droplets of infected droplets of saliva to their loved ones. When the droplets of the infected saliva get into the mouth or nose of the healthy person, they get sick because of the virus infection. The best thing for infected people is to stick at home to avoid infecting workmates and schoolmates. When at home, they should also avoid close contact with their loved ones so as not to infect them with the virus.

If you feel any signs and symptoms of flu, do not panic; just follow the simple measures as advised by your healthcare provider. With the necessary practices and some over the counter drugs, the flu should go away in less than 3 days, even with just the use of over the counter drugs and without going to the hospital. You can also implement natural home remedies to get rid of the virus such as taking lemon water and herbal tea. If your symptoms persist, you should visit the nearest hospital for further check-up.

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