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What are the Main Symptoms of UTI?

A UTI is an abbreviation for a Urinary Tract Infection. The main cause of UTI is microbes that often overwhelm the body’s defense mechanism in the urinary tract. It entails an infection, which can be present in any part of your urinary system. This includes the kidneys, urethra, bladder and the ureters. However, most infections are more prevalent in the bladder and the urethra or simply in the lower urinary tract. Women are more susceptible to UTI and their risk of getting an infection is approximately 1 in 2. This is in stark contrast to men whose risk is 1 in 10.

Women could also experience these infections repeatedly hence, ample caution ought to be taken to ensure that the infection is treated before it spirals out of control. An infection is very painful and it can become very severe if it proceeds and spreads to the kidneys. UTIs are mostly treated with antibiotics. There are several main symptoms that manifest hence indicating that one is possibly suffering from a urinary tract infection. This article shall exhaustively discuss these symptoms.

  • Irresistible Impulse to Urinate But Only Passing Tiny Amounts of Urine
  • Irresistible impulse to urinate but only passing less urine than normal is a major symptom and sign that you are potentially suffering from a urinary tract infection. You might experience some very intense urge to urinate but nothing comes out when you try to pass some urine. The bladder is very irritated hence making you feel like you want to urinate. This happens even when you have very little amounts of urine in your bladder.

  • Fatigue and Trembling
  • Fatigue and trembling is a very common and clear indicator of some potential UTI infection. One may feel completely knackered or worn out. This is a very confusing symptom because it is also common in other varying types of bodily infections thus you should consult a physician immediately to ensure that there is a precise diagnosis that can be narrowed down to a UTI infection.

  • Burning Feeling When Urinating
  • This scalding feeling alongside a discomfort in the lower abdomen when urinating is a major symptom of a UTI infection. In case you experience this symptom, you should liaise with a doctor as soon as practically possible.

  • Fever and Nausea
  • Fever is a very clear indicator that the infection might have reached your kidneys hence necessitating immediate medical attention. This infection also causes nausea and vomiting thus it ought to be treated promptly before it spreads to the blood hence causing some major issues, which can be fatal and life threatening.

  • Urine That is Relatively Murky
  • This entails some very cloudy urine. It is a main symptom of a possible UTI.

  • A Full Bladder Even After Passing Urine
  • You may pass urine but still feel like your bladder is still full. This is often attributed to a UTI and it should not be trivialized as something minor as the repercussions might be fatal.

  • Leaks
  • This happens when you have absolutely no control thus leaking some urine. It is a major sign of some possible UTI.

  • Urine Which a Powerful Smell or Odor
  • This kind of unusual smell is a major symptom of a UTI. The infection culminates into a very bad smell when you pass urine and it often requires immediate treatment before it rapidly spreads and possibly infects the kidneys hence resulting to calamitous consequences.

  • Niggling Pains in the Back and Sometimes in the Lower Abdomen
  • This symptom is often disregarded as experiencing pain that can subside on its own as is quite normal. However, it is often a sign of a serious infection and thus has to be considered as a symptom of a UTI.

  • Other Symptoms
  • Pelvic pain in women and rectal pain in men is often deemed a serious symptom of a UTI. Some minute traces of blood in the urine might also involve a potential sign that you might have UTI. These symptoms should not be overlooked as they often imply that you might be suffering from a urinary infection that should be treated immediately.

    It is therefore prudent to conclude and surmise that UTIs are quite easy to diagnose or recognize primarily based on the aforementioned symptoms. These symptoms always manifest themselves at the outset hence they must be perceived as a major sign of a UTI which needs to be treated before it becomes fatal and a threat to one’s life. If you happen to experience any of these symptoms, you should consider seeing a doctor as soon as possible.

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