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Should I Use Urgent Care for STD Testing?

get-testingMost people know that urgent care centers are a great option for minor illnesses and even moderate injuries, such as broken bones. They’re convenient, staffed by qualified medical professionals, and efficient at delivering walk-in treatment without excessive wait times. That’s why the number of urgent care centers has increased exponentially in recent years.

These medical facilities have other capabilities too—things that relatively few people know about. The most qualified urgent care centers can administer immunizations, drug testing, and even test for pregnancy—among many other things.

But what about STD testing?

This is a very important part of modern life, yet it’s something many people are uncomfortable talking about. When it does become necessary, it isn’t clear to people where they should go or who they should talk to. Can urgent care centers be a viable option when it comes to this very sensitive—yet vital—aspect of medical care?

The answer is a resounding yes. The majority of urgent care centers can test for many different types of STDs in a setting that is absolutely confidential and medically qualified. Here are some other reasons to consider visiting your local urgent care team for this type of medical procedure.

It’s convenient

STD testing is something most people want to get over with and collect the results—and for good reason. Making appointments and waiting for days on end can make the process more anxiety-ridden than it has to be. Looking to an urgent care for STD testing offers the huge benefit of being able to show up with no appointment, have a confidential conversation and medical examination by a qualified provider, and get the testing process over with.

Results also come faster than many people realize, and in the event that an STD is detected, you’ll be able to start treatment immediately and get on the road to better health.

It’s routine

STD testing may seem exceptional or embarrassing for the most of us—but rest assured that for trained medical professionals, it’s a routine task that’s done with care, courtesy and professionalism.

There’s also the question of routine STD testing. Even if you aren’t experiencing symptoms, and have no reason to believe that an STD is present, doctors recommend routine testing for your own peace of mind and that of others—especially if you’re sexually active.

It’s affordable

If you’re insured, chances are your medical procedure will be covered when you visit an urgent care center in your area. Even if you aren’t insured, urgent care centers are generally more affordable than other medical facilities—especially emergency rooms. People sometimes visit the emergency room when they have symptoms they suspect are related to an STD, but this is a huge mistake. Urgent care is a much more effective and affordable option for STD testing.

Finding a facility that meets your needs

Not all urgent care centers offer the same facilities or testing options, so it’s important to look at the facilities available in your area. Some people prefer to leave their general locality for STD testing, hoping to avoid any compromise in confidentiality. This is a personal choice; however, any urgent care center (and any medical facility) should take utmost care to protect confidentiality and give you greater peace of mind.

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