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Time to toughen up, New Jersey

Had a great conversation this morning with Dr. Rich Mojares who’s one of the more well known Jersey shore docs. Of course mainly it’s his office mascot Stitches who people remember. Nothing like branding your business with a great dog!

We discussed a couple serious subjects during the conversation. So many people are quick to judge the pharmaceutical industry and doctors for the seemingly out-of-control heroin epidemic. I asked Dr. Rich about docs being vilified and he agreed with me that one of the biggest issues is a lack of coping skills among younger people today. My take — and the doc echoed this — is that society is quick to blame everyone except the person making bad decisions from a position of weakness.

Some people are more susceptible to addiction. Some people process things in a way that makes them more vulnerable, but most people with the proper support, coaching and upbringing can face the temptations and win. I’ve heard this over and over again from former addicts, parents who have lost kids, medical professionals, law enforcement member and community leaders…

By Bill Spadea August 22, 2017
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