The reason I pursued healthcare as a career, is because of my family. I was born into a multicultural, interfaith home and was raised by two hardworking parents who taught me the importance of taking care of family."
Dr. Dahab attended Rutgers University New Brunswick, where she majored in biological sciences and minored in African, Middle Eastern, South Asian, Languages and Literatures. "I primarily concentrated on learning the Arabic Language, but I studied literature from the regions listed above". After taking a year off in between undergraduate and medical school, Dr. Dahab spent her time tutoring college students in biology and genetics for ODASIS (Office for Diversity and Academic Success in the Sciences as well as teaching English, Math, and Science to grades K-9. She went on to attend NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine and was accepted to train, alongside her colleague, Dr. Qumei, in internal medicine at Jersey Shore University Medical Center. During her second year of training in 2020, the first covid surge began and it was during that time where her interest in primary care flourished. "I appreciated the importance of knowing my patients well and taking their whole body into account in diagnosis and treatment.
"My philosophy in patient care is treating each patient as if they are a member of my family. For my family I would make sure I am doing all that I could do to treat them and help them feel better. I approach all my patients with this mentality and do my best to make sure I am treating them with excellent care."
Dr. Dahab's passions aside from medicine, include music, particularly karaoke, and getting involved in the local community fundraisers for local charities.
"I am happy to continue to serve in the community where I trained to become a practicing physician. I am looking forward to meeting you at Family First Primary!"