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What Seniors Should Know About Urgent Care

There are a lot of reasons to be skeptical these days, especially if you’ve lived most of your life without the Internet. There’s virtually no area of everyday life that hasn’t been affected somehow by the internet and medical care is no exception. People search for doctors and clinics, change health plans, pay their bills, and research various medical conditions online. For seniors, it can be difficult to embrace all of this. You might be worried about things like identity theft, misinformation, or any number of things. These are all valid concerns, and it’s important to address them.

One thing that many seniors want to know more about is urgent care. What is it, and how does it differ from other types of medical facilities? Why should you consider visiting urgent care if you have medical needs? There’s so much information and so many new options out there – it’s easy to feel that urgent care is just another passing trend.

But this is not at all the case. Urgent care is worth knowing about for a number of key reasons – but the first question to address is when you should go to urgent care, and what level of medical care you can expect.

Family First Urgent Care Centers are staffed by fully licensed physicians, physician’s assistants, nurse practitioners x-ray technologists and medical assistants. In other words, you’ll encounter the same level of professionalism and medical training at Family First Urgent care as you would in a state of the art hospital.

That does not mean, however, that you should go to urgent care for any medical situation. Family First Urgent Care is equipped to deal with virtually any illness or injury that is clearly not life threatening. This could be something like the flu, a sprained ankle, or a broken arm. There are many uses for urgent care – but if you feel the situation may be life threatening, you should head straight for the nearest emergency room. Remember – urgent care is staffed by highly qualified medical professionals, but the facilities are not properly equipped to handle life threatening situations. Whenever you’re talking about urgent care, it’s important to reinforce the understanding of what it’s used for.

Now that we’ve discussed when you should visit urgent care as opposed to other medical facilities, let’s talk about the benefits. One of the main advantages of urgent care is that you don’t have to make an appointment. Simply show up and tell the receptionist why you’re there. If you’ve never been to that urgent care center before, your insurance information will be collected, in addition to some basic information about you. Then you’ll sit down and wait to be called in.

Family First Urgent Care Centers in Oakhurst and Toms River are efficient and reputable , with short wait times. Then you’ll immediately be called in to see a qualified doctor, nurse or physician’s assistant who can diagnose and treat your problem at the highest medical standard. Some people worry that they’re not getting the highest level of care when they visit urgent care, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The great advantage of urgent care is being able to drop in without an appointment and receive quality care without waiting long. For many seniors, this is something they would have liked to have a long time ago!

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