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Do Your Kids Need Allergy Testing?

Allergies are one of those things that occur in virtually every family, but many allergies go unknown and undocumented, either because the symptoms weren’t noticed or because people don’t bother getting tested. Parents in particular are often eager to have their children allergy tested – and for good reason. They want to be aware of any dangerous health situations, and take steps to avoid triggering the child’s allergies.

But do you kids really need allergy testing?

The answer is really up to parents ­– but it’s definitely a good idea to take your child in for allergy testing if she has recurring symptoms. For example, does she experience a cold like illness at the same time very year? Do certain foods seem to cause a runny nose? Hives, rashes, and even puffy lips are also common allergic reactions. She might also be coughing a lot at night.

In truth, there are a great many things that can cause allergic reactions in different people – especially children. These reactions can be severe or mild – and almost everyone has experienced a mild allergic reaction to something.

Your child’s history is going to be an important determining factor in figuring out what he or she is allergic to. An allergist is a specialist in allergy and allergic reactions, and if your urgent care center doesn’t offer allergy testing, it may be necessary to schedule an appointment with one of these specialists.

Allergists have blood test and skin tests that and show certain types of allergies with a fairly good degree of accuracy. But the exact nature and severity of the allergy may remain unknown even after testing. In some cases, elimination testing will be used. This is where certain items are removed from the child’s diet one at a time, to see if the reactions stop. Specialists also know a great deal about common allergies and allergic reactions, so describing your child’s symptoms in detail, and knowing the circumstances around them, will go a long way toward getting an accurate result.

Some parents choose to bring their children for allergy testing without having any symptoms or indications that allergies are present, but they want the peace of mind of knowing for sure. However, often times, the only way to be totally sure that an allergy exists is to see the allergic reaction. That’s why specialists pay special attention to your child’s medical history and any known symptoms or reactions he or she has.

Parents are right to be worried about allergies in their kids – after all, a severe allergic reaction can be scary, and in some cases, even life threatening. No parent wants to risk putting their child in this situation. A consultation with an allergist is a good idea for many parents just to set their minds at ease. The specialist can discuss what specific types of testing are available, how dependable the results will be, and so on. Sometimes just having the consultation is enough to convince most parents that allergies probably aren’t anything to worry much about. And if they are for a particular child, there are specific treatments and preventative steps.

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