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How to Keep your Kid from Getting Sick at Daycare

If your child is at daycare, then you might have realized that he/she gets sick quite often. It seems like an endless stream of fevers, runny noses, ear infections, minor signs of diarrhea, and mysterious rashes. Well, doctors say that it is quite common for kids to get sick once they start group daycare. This is because most daycares have an environment that causes easy transmission of viruses.

Common health issues reported at daycares include stomach bugs, pink eye, common cold, and hand, foot, and mouth disease. Most of these illnesses are caused viruses, which are easily spread among toddlers through direct and indirect contact, coughing, sneezing, and when sharing toys. This article will provide advice on how you can prevent these and many more sicknesses, as a parent of a kid in daycare.

Teach your Kids Healthy Hand Hygiene

The easiest thing you can do to prevent your kid from getting sick at daycare is to teach him/her proper hand hygiene. If your kids are not old enough, wash their hands several times a day, while educating them on the importance of doing so. If they are older, remind them to wash their hands regularly. They should do this before and after eating or interaction. Apart from washing hands, another thing you can do is teach your kids to sneeze into their elbows. This is very essential as it prevents your children from contracting their illness to other kids.

Feed your Child a Nutritious Diet

Proper diet is essential towards having healthy kids. This is because, when they consume healthy foods, their immune system is highly boosted. With good immunity, they are able to fight against most germs and illnesses that come their way. Ensure your child consumes nutritious foods such as vegetables, fruits, and lean protein. Be sure to provide them with healthy snacks such as peanut butter, apples, raisins, nuts, grapes, and dark chocolate. Avoid sugary foods such as fried meat, French fries, white pasta, cookies, cakes, and donut. With good immunity, your child will barely experience daycare sickness.

Understand Whether your Kid is at a Higher Risk

Some children need more attention when it comes to preventing them from getting sick at daycare. Children with weak immune systems, chronic illnesses, or food allergies are more likely to experience health complications. In fact, these conditions can present serious and even life-threatening problems. As a parent, you should make sure that your caregiver understands the health issues faced by your child. Knowledge is critical and when your caregivers understand your child, they can be able to minimize spread of germs and illnesses.

Let your Kid Stay at Home when Sick

Most daycares have a policy regarding sick children, who should stay at home until they get well. Although daycares find themselves at tough spots when deciding between parents’ needs and the health of all children under their care, it is good to note that having your sick child go to the daycare puts the health of the other kids at risk. Doing this is one of the best things you can do to prevent sickness at your daycare center.

Get Your Kids Immunized

As a parent, you should be a vibrant advocate for vaccines in children. Your daycare center might have required an immunization record of your child before attending. However, it is your work to ensure that all required vaccines are up to date. Some states allow one to check a child’s record. Nevertheless, if this is something that your daycare does not do, then you should advocate for them to do so.

When talking about kids’ immunization, you should remember to find out that the staff at your preferred daycare are also vaccinated against life-threatening diseases such as Pertussis. This evaluation is mostly critical, especially when not many staff members have health insurance. In fact, studies by the National Research Council show that only 26% of childcare providers have access to health care. Hence, checking whether the workers at your daycare are immunized is of utmost importance towards ensuring your kid does not get sick at daycare.

Go for a Licensed Daycare Provider

Another to maintain your child’s health is to work with a licensed daycare provider, whose facility has undergone inspections to ensure nothing poses a health hazard to kids. Be sure to check for cleanliness, and high-end professionalism. In addition, ask many questions regarding kids’ health. Also, ask how the facility works to prevent sickness among children. When doing a survey of the facility, check to see whether food is properly stored, refrigerated, and prepared. In addition, evaluate the method used to clean different toys used. A daycare that passes your evaluation will definitely be good for your kid’s health.

Encourage your Kid to Get Active

Research shows that children who get regular, moderate exercise are less prone to flu and cold compared to those that are barely active. Exercise boosts circulation of infection-fighting hormones and cells, which helps prevent your kid from becoming sick.

Ensure Your Kids Gets Enough Rest

Another thing you should do to prevent daycare diseases is to make sure that your child gets enough rest. Good rest promotes body immunity, which will be vital towards ensuring your kid does not get sick at daycare. Daycare-going children need about 12 hours of sleep every day. Therefore, you should ensure that this happens.

With a large group of kids, germs and illnesses are inevitable. Even at the best daycares, in terms of cleanliness, kids will always put their dirty hands and toys in the mouth, get into contact with each other, or rub their eyes. These actions could cause kids to pick up daycare diseases like cold, stomach flu, and hand, foot and mouth disease. However, this does not necessarily mean that you should avoid daycares, to keep your kid healthy. You can do many things, such as teaching your kids proper hand hygiene, feeding them a nutritious diet, and ensuring they get enough rest.

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