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How important is Water to Our Health and How Much

Water comprises of 60% of the human body weight, and your body uses this water in all its organs, tissues, and cells to regulate your bodily temperature, and maintain other functions. Since your body loses a lot of water through digestion, breathing, and sweating, it is essential to rehydrate by consuming foods rich in water and drinking fluids. The amount of water your body desires depends on numerous factors such as how physically active you are, your location’s climate, and your current health status. As you can see water is critical for human survival, but not many people understand how it helps their body. This article looks the importance of water to your health.

Water Helps Regulate Your Body Temperature

Staying hydrated is very important for maintaining your body temperature. The main reason behind this is that your body loses a lot of water through breathing or perspiration when in hot environments or during physical activity. Since sweat keeps you cool, your body temperature is likely to rise significantly if you do not replenish the lost water. This is because your body emits plasma and electrolytes when hydrated. If you would like to maintain an optimal body temperature, you ought to take in a lot of water to avoid hydration.

Water is a Good Lubricant

Water serves as an essential lubricant in many body processes such as digestion. The water in your saliva facilitates chewing and swallowing, and makes sure that the food you consume slides easily down the esophagus.

Moreover, water lubricates the joints, allowing you to move easily. When you are dehydrated, the body rations water used up by the joints. When there is very little lubrication, this situation could cause great friction, and even knee, back, and joint pain. This could potentially lead to arthritis and injuries. Your organs need water to work perfectly, so consider taking it regularly.

Water Energizes the Muscles

Cells that are not able to maintain the right balance of electrolytes and fluids might shrivel, which can result to muscle fatigue. When your muscles do not have enough fluids, they do not perform as well as they should. Therefore, taking in enough fluids is essential when working out. In fact, studies show that you should take about 17 ounces of a fluid about 2 hours before your work out. When exercising, you should take in fluids early, at regular intervals to replace any fluids lost through sweating.

Water Promotes Healthy Mental Function

Your brain needs water. Staying dehydrated affects your cognitive and mental functions, which makes it hard for you to concentrate, have a short attention span, and experience headaches. Losing as little as 2% of your total water can impair your motor skills and make you have a short-term memory. Furthermore, it can affect your brain’s visual perception skills. Mental fatigue caused by dehydration can be very concerning among older individuals, as it has the potential to cause exhaustion, confusion, and falls, all of which can cause serious complications.

Water Helps Excrete Body Waste

Your body needs water to emit body waste through different processes such as perspiration, defecation, and urination. Your kidneys also use up water to filter out waste through urination. Therefore, taking water regularly helps your kidneys work better. In addition to this, you need a lot of water in your body system to have healthy stool, and prevent constipation.

Water Might Help in Weight Loss

Research shows that drinking water could help those individuals trying to shed weight. Taking 500ml of water every day can help increase a person’s metabolism rate by 30%. Additionally, taking water before a meal can help people achieve weight loss by minimizing their calorie intake. Research shows that water is able to do this because it is a natural appetite suppressant. Thus, it leads to a great feeling of fullness, minimizing hunger, while making you calorie-free. At times, thirst is usually misinterpreted for hunger, so consuming a glass of water over snacking can help you attain positive weight loss results.

Water bottles are almost becoming a fashion trend, as water is becoming one of the most popular drinks. People are not doing this just for the sake; water is linked to many health benefits, and is now seen as a nutrient required by the body to perform different functions. Water helps control body fluids, energizes the muscles, makes the skin look good, regulates body temperature, and helps excrete body waste. If you would like to stay healthy, then consider taking some adequate water every single day.

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