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How Does Employer Drug Testing Work?

There are a lot of different elements that create success in business – and that’s true no matter what kind of business you’re in. One of the most important elements is looking after your employees and make sure that your work environment is safe and productive. This is a basic need for any employer, and it has a direct effect on the viability of the business, over both the short and long term.

To that end, a lot of employers choose to make drug testing a normal part of their care program for employees. At first glance, some employees might see this as a show of distrust, or a desire to exercise “control” over people’s personal lives. On the contrary, employee drug testing is an important tool for keeping all employees safe, and for maintaining a safe and productive business overall.

But how does employer drug testing actually work? Where do you start if you’re interesting in implementing an employee drug testing program at your place of business?

First, it’s crucial to find a clinic with state of the art medical facilities. Employees need to know that your drug testing program is a highly professional and organized operation, with the highest medical standards of privacy and professionalism. As an employer, you also need to know that the testing environment is foolproof, and the results will be accurate and dependable.

How the program actually works will be determined by you, the employer, in conjunction with the urgent care center or clinic in which the testing is being administered. A standard urine test is a simple and incredible effective way to operate an efficient drug testing program – provided, of course, that the facility uses professional safeguards to prevent tampering with the integrity of the tests.

The nature and timing of the testing will also depend on whether you intend to administer random drug testing or a programmatic approach in which all employees are tested systematically according to a set schedule. Most business experts highly recommend some form of random testing in order to maintain the accuracy and integrity of the testing process. A customizable approach will allow employers a detailed picture of how the program is conducted.

It’s important that employees know that your drug trusting program is a health and safety measure designed to protect each individual and their coworkers, and to safeguard the integrity and safety of your business. The most reputable drug testing clinics will have a professional depth of experience and methodology in administering drug tests, and will be highly adept at making each employee feel comfortable and respected throughout the process.

What to look for when research your options

When choosing a medical care provider to organize and administer drug testing to your employees, it’s critically important to find one that’s highly reputable and extremely professional. As valuable as drug testing is for businesses, it must be approached with the utmost care, respect, and confidentiality. Look for an urgent care center or clinic with depth of experience in handling employee drug testing, and don’t be afraid to ask for references of other businesses who have used that clinic’s program. A successful and seamless employee drug testing program is possible with the right people on your side.

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