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Health Trends to Watch in 2017

Health fads have been around for centuries, and they’ve ranged from highly beneficial to utterly bizarre. If you look at some of the “miraculous” products and techniques from centuries gone by, it’s clear that many of them were totally ineffective if not harmful. And this is still going on today as people continue to focus more and more on health and wellbeing.

That’s not to say that real gains in medical knowledge aren’t happening all the time. Some of the trends in recent years have compelling evidence to back them up. Paying more attention to nutrition (and cutting out unhealthy foods) is one area that deserves more scrutiny. Various wellness trends like yoga and Pilates continue to be investigated by medical science, but their health benefits are promising — and in many cases, difficult to deny.

So what’s on the horizon for 2017? Let’s take a look at some of the current health trends making the rounds, exploring the potential merits (or lack thereof) of each.

1. More sobriety

People are trying out lifestyles that cut down on (or eliminate) alcohol from the diet. This is often associated with people who have had a problem with alcohol in the past, but growing numbers of people are hoping to achieve greater overall health through the reduction or elimination of alcohol from the diet. Certainly, staying with the medically established recommendation of 1-2 drinks per day will prevent the many health problems associated with too much drinking.

2. Infrared saunas

This may sound like a strange one, but it’s “gaining steam.” Premature babies are often subjected to infrared heat in order to keep them warm. Now people are applying this type of heat to the concept of a sauna, with purported benefits like enhanced relaxation and detoxification. It’s definitely a good idea to keep your doctor or urgent care center informed if you’re thinking about trying this for yourself.

3. Mushrooms

Mushrooms have been a popular folk medicine for centuries, but the supplements industry is starting to embrace them on a different level. Everything from capsules to beverage powders are hitting the market fast. Certain mushrooms do contain a number of healthy properties, including Vitamin D, beta-glucans, and polysaccharides. But again, if you’re taking large quantities of mushroom supplements, it’s better to ask your doctor about any possible complications.

The importance of quality medical care

No reputable doctor or nurse is going to discourage patients from taking more responsibility for their health — especially where exercise and diet are concerned. Making better choice in daily life is the most effective way to prevent illness or injury before it happens, and it also makes people happier and more productive. At the same time, no matter how healthy a lifestyle we lead, situations will arise where the treatment of qualified medical professionals is necessary. Your local urgent care center is equipped to treat a wide variety of non-life threatening situations, and to provide meaningful guidance on how to live a healthier life in 2017 and beyond.

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