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Why is Good Sleep So Important?

Most of us love getting a good night’s sleep. And yet, with all the stresses and obligations of modern-day life, good sleep is often sacrificed for work, family commitments, and even late night social media. For these reasons, it’s important to remember that sleep isn’t just enjoyable — it’s something we all positively need in order to function properly.

Aside from feeling well rested, there are many other benefits to getting at least eight solid hours of shut-eye per night. Read on to find out some effects of good sleep that you might not have known about.

Better Immune System

You are less likely to get sick when you get enough high quality sleep every night. This is because a lack of sleep puts a stress on your body, and your immune system is not able to function at optimal levels. In other words, insufficient sleep lowers your body’s defenses. For example, a sleep deprived person is much more likely to catch a cold from a stranger on a bus, or come down with the flu, than somebody how is getting plenty of restful sleep every night.

Weight Management

When the body is tired, it tends to compensate for lack of energy by trying to get more energy from calories. If you’ve ever paid close attention to your body after staying up all night, you’re more inclined to grab a candy bar, greasy burger, or other foods that your body recognizes as being packed with easy energy. A salad may not sound nearly as appealing if you aren’t sleeping enough. For people trying to lose or maintain weight, or even just to eat healthier, getting enough sleep is a great first step toward setting yourself up for success.


Ever sat through a work meeting, or tried to make headway on an important project, after a bad night’s sleep? Most of us simply won’t function at our best unless our bodies and minds are well rested. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, you’re much more likely to catch yourself zoning out at work and struggling through afternoon commitments. While many people say they don’t have enough time to get eight hours of sleep every night, they would likely find that if they did put in the extra time sleeping, they would be more productive during the day — and would be able to meet their obligations without a problem.

General Health

Sleep helps with everything from anxiety to back pain and migraines. Consistently getting enough sleep will improve your body’s overall health and its ability to deal with illnesses and ailments, making it easier to enjoy life and be productive.

That said, even the most well-rested person will still come down with a cold or have an accident now and then. When you do have a health issue, make sure you address it instead of ignoring it. Be aware of how to reach your nearest urgent care center, where you can get fast and reliable medical treatment for a variety of common ailments. The faster you take care of a problem by getting expert treatment, the faster you’ll be able to get back to your living your life at full speed.

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