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Are Flu Shots Really Necessary?

A lot is being said these days about flu shots, and a number of opinions and arguments have developed on the subject. When flu shots first appeared and were being administered to the public in the middle of the 20th century, the medical technology was still in its early phases, and the shots themselves had a number of side effects on many of the people who received them. As the technology advanced and flu shots were refined and purified, they became safer and more effective.

Another well-known event in the history of flu vaccination is the program used to combat the “swine flu” that occurred in 1979. During this public program, approximately one quarter of all Americans received a vaccination; then it was discovered that the vaccine carried an increased risk of a neurological disease known as Guillian-Barré syndrome.

These events in the history of flu vaccines are part of what has created concern around the vaccines today, as more people have more information than ever about all aspects of health. A lot of parents in particular want to know the truth about flu vaccines and whether they pose other health risks. This is understandable – and the question that people often end up asking is: Are flu shots really entirely necessary?

The fact is that many people do get by without flu vaccines; however, there’s no getting around the fact that modern vaccines are the best possible protection against the spread of influenza every year. This fact is recognized by the CDC, which strongly recommends everyone over the age of 6 received an annual flu vaccination. This is important not only to protect you and your family from contracting the flu individually; it’s also the most important societal measure we can take to prevent the spread of flu in general. Often times, people who contract influenza spread the virus to others. In some cases, transmission to others can take place before the person is even aware they have contracted the flu. By increasing awareness around flu vaccinations and following the CDC’s recommendations, the overall impact of influenza can be minimized every year.

There’s no doubt that personal hygiene (and increased awareness of how flu is typically spread) is another key to protecting you and your loved ones against the virus. But when it comes to effective protection against this very tricky invader, modern vaccinations are far and away the most important factor.

Where to go for flu vaccine

Flu vaccines today are very safe, and also very convenient if you know where to look. At both Family First Urgent Care locations in Oakhurst and Toms River there is no need to make an appointment for your flu shot, just simply walk in. Urgent care professionals are highly trained medical professionals who administer the highest standard of flu vaccines, according to the latest medical research and information from the CDC.

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