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Employee Wellness Programs

urgent_care_staff600In an effort to help improve the health of their employees—and reduce spending on employee health care—many businesses are taking a closer look at employee wellness programs offered by insurance companies, urgent care clinics and other medical facilities. The RAND Corporation found that half of all companies with 50 employees of more have wellness programs. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, wellness programs are offered by 36% of American companies with more than 200 employees.
Although wellness programs vary from company to company, they generally aim to contain rising healthcare costs and create a happier, healthier workplace culture.
Reducing healthcare costs
Wellness programs typically offer employees incentives for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and actively preventing future health issues. It may give employees discounts on monthly health insurance premiums, reduced-price or free gym memberships, or even cash rewards. It may offer healthier food options at work, participation in weight management programs, or smoking cessation options. While company wellness programs may offer so much externally, the internal benefits are even greater.
Building a Team

Another advantage to wellness programs is bringing your employees closer together. If coworkers are banding together to work off those last few pounds and keep each other motivated at the gym, it is building team work, which will reflect positively later in the office. These employees will build comradery and will work better on group projects and company assignments.

Lower the Stress, Raise the Zen

Many companies are finding it beneficial to incorporate some kind of team building into the company. Some businesses are finding their way to the yoga studios together find their center, while others have meetings outside or have company retreats. Yoga is a favorite for many fast pace businesses because it incorporates breathing techniques that teach you to find an inner calm, which can help you keep a level head and not be overwhelmed during stressful times at work.

The Mojares Method

Here at Family First Urgent Care and Primary Physicians, we find it most advantageous to concentrate on positivity and team building. Bringing our company together to encourage ourselves and one another is the core focus of our company. Once a month, the entire Family First staff meets to revamp morale, educate one another and discuss how to improve ourselves and our company. Dr. Richard Mojares encourages himself, his employees, and his patients to focus on what can be done to better the now, the next and not the past. That is the foundation to a great company wellness program.

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