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Common Injuries in the Kitchen and How to Prevent Them

Most injuries don’t occur during dramatic (or even necessarily athletic) situations, but during everyday activities. Ask any urgent care doctor or nurse and they’ll probably confirm it! So many injuries can be prevented with a sharper awareness of the mistakes people commonly make, and the situations that cause them.

The kitchen is one of the frequently used rooms in the house — and also one of the most injury-prone. Countless people of all ages visit urgent care centers and (in very serious cases) emergency rooms as a result of injuries that take place in the kitchen. Let’s take a closer look at the most common kitchen-related injuries and how to prevent them.

1. Cuts

The most frequent type of kitchen injury is a cut or laceration that comes from handling knives or other kitchen appliances. These injuries can be readily prevented by learning proper technique for slicing and chopping, always using a sharp knife and proper cutting surface, and slowing down. Many injuries happen because people are in a rush to prepare the meal, and their minds are elsewhere. Stay present and go at a manageable pace when handling kitchen knives!

2. Falls

The kitchen is a place where water is constantly running and spills frequently occur. As a result, there are a lot of slips and falls that can lead to bodily injury. When working in the kitchen, always be aware of potential spills and make sure the floor stays dry. If a spill occurs, don’t wait to clean it up. Also be aware of children who might tend to run in and out of the kitchen, as they might slip of there is liquid on the floor.

3. Burns

More burns happen in the kitchen than any other place, and most of them occur as a result of absent-mindedness. Always have a clear idea of which pots and pans are too hot to touch, and keep small children away from hot stoves. Thankfully, most kitchen-burns are minor and can be readily treated at urgent care facilities.

4. Food poisoning

This last one happens more often than you might think. When food is not prepared properly, or when certain foods (such as raw chicken) are allowed to sit out too long or are undercooked, illness and food poisoning can result. Preventing this type of illness all comes down to buying quality ingredients and making sure you store and prepare them according to widely documented methods. Mayo that’s been out in the sun too long, for example, should be thrown away rather than refrigerated and used again.

Where to go if you’re hurt or ill

Urgent care is a convenient and highly effective stop for minor to moderate kitchen injuries. If you think the situation might be life threatening, always head straight for the nearest emergency room. However, if the injury does not appear to be life threatening in any way, your local urgent care team will be able to provide the most convenient, professional and affordable level of care.

Of course, the best kitchen injuries are the ones that never happen, so take care in the kitchen this Fall!

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