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Can Urgent Care Centers Administer Drug Screening?

Drug screening is one of those areas that some employers and professionals don’t really want to talk about at length. At the same time, it’s a hugely important aspect of running an effective business and making sure employees are healthy and able to perform their jobs to a professional standard.

Often times, the people responsible for ensuring a drug-free workplace have more questions than answers when it comes to this important medical function. Ordinary employees may also have a litany of questions. Where does drug screening actually take place? What can employees expect when asked to take a drug test for employment purposes? Are there medical facilities that specialize in this sort of things?

Let’s take these questions one at a time.

Drug screening should always take place at a qualified, objective medical facility that is not affiliated with the business in question. This is the best way to ensure impartial and medically accurate results. Many people don’t realize that urgent care centers — those convenient medical establishments that enable you to receive medical treatment quickly without an appointment — are often able to provide comprehensive drug screening employees for businesses of all types.

This can make things much easier on managers and employees, since people are able to “pop in” to an urgent care center at their convenience and have the test administered with very short wait times. Complicated registration processes and longer waits — which are often seen at hospitals and traditional clinics with drug screen capabilities — no longer have to be part of the equation.

In terms of what employees can expect, this will depend on the type of drug screening requested by the business in question — but it’s definitely something that should be discussed with employees individually. It’s normal to have questions about drug screening, and it’s important to be able to give accurate answers. Urine collection is the standard method of drug screening and is widely used at medical facilities throughout the country. Look for a facility that is D.O.T. Drug Screening Certified to ensure that your screening process is handled properly and according to all applicable laws.

As for where to turn for your professional drug screening requirements, certain urgent care centers are experienced in occupational medicine and drug screening, and can give employers the resources they need to properly inform and educate their staff on drug testing procedures. The advantage of working with a facility who specializes in drug screening is a smoother process, from distributing the right information to facilitating the actual testing process and providing efficient reporting of results.

The short answer is yes — urgent care centers can administer drug tests

But not every urgent care center can perform this function, and not every center performs drug screening with the same level of efficiency. Employers who want the process to go as smoothly and efficiently as possible should look for a conveniently located urgent care center that has tangible experience in facilitating the drug screening process. Remember — it’s not just about the testing itself. The entire drug screening process, from informing people and answering question to providing results to employers, can make the difference between a positive and negative experience.

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