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5 Hygiene Habits to Teach Your Children

Good hygiene is one of those things some kids pick up on naturally. For others, it’s a long (and sometimes painstaking) process of remembering to keep up good hygiene habits. It takes a lot of practice and reminding before those good habits really sink in. But when you tally up the health benefits of good hygiene, it’s worth it in the end — no matter how much cajoling the parents have to do.

The other thing about hygiene — it’s easy to fall into a pattern and forget about good habits altogether. With the busy lives of parents and children, we sometimes lose track of what good hygiene actually is, and how we can instill excellent habits in our kids.

1. Hand washing

Frequent hand washing is the biggest and most important hygiene habit out there. If a child’s hands are consistently clean, it makes things a lot safer and healthier for everyone — including your child! Keep the soap coming and instill good hand washing habits in your kids. They’ll thank you for it later!

2. Brushing and flossing

Dental hygiene is one of the most important areas of overall medical hygiene — that’s why dentistry is a whole separate field of medicine! Teaching your kids how to brush and floss properly, and in line with ADA recommendations, is an indispensible skill.

3. Trim and clean fingernails

Dirty and bacteria love to hang out under the fingernails of curious, rambunctious kids. Instilling good habits with fingernail hygiene, and teaching kids how to clean and trim their nails when appropriate (carefully, without hurting themselves), is a great goal for parents to have.

4. Washroom etiquette

Making sure your child has good washroom etiquette is another indispensible skill that will be useful for their whole life. On the other hand, improper etiquette can lead to various health problems, and make public spaces less sanitary.

5. Regular bathing

Regular bathing with good quality soap is one of the most basic ways to stay healthy and prevent illness. It also helps people of all ages to feel great! But kids are busy creatures, and they often don’t like to bathe because it slows them down. Teaching them to be disciplined about taking a bath — and learning to enjoy it — is a healthy habit that will last a lifetime.

The benefits of good hygiene

From preventing the spread of cold/flu (and other viruses) to maintaining a good personal appearance and respecting common spaces, excellent hygiene habits make a real difference in the lives of people, no matter their age. That’s why it’s such a great idea to instill strong hygiene habits in your kids early. They may not thank you right now, but they will eventually!

If you want more ideas on how to instill good hygiene habits in your kids, and what the benefits really are, check with your local urgent care center during your next routine visit. Remember, urgent care is a convenient option for non-life threatening medical situations (no appointments and short waits), while offering the highest level of professional medical care.

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