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4 Swimming Safety Tips for Summer

Summer is just around the corner — and for many families, that means long sunny days by the swimming pool. In order to make sure those days are fun and relaxing, it’s important to make safety a priority. The last thing you want is for your day at the pool to end with a trip to urgent care, or worse.

Below are our 4 most important swimming pool safety tips for summer. Follow these guidelines to make sure your summer pool time is fun and accident-free!

1. Never leave children unattended

We can’t stress this one enough. Children, regardless of their age, should never be left unattended at the pool. There should always be an adult present and paying attention while kids are swimming. Even when children know how to swim and are confident in the water, accidents can happen. Kids don’t always use their best judgement, or may not know what appropriate and safe pool etiquette means. Adult supervision is always necessary to stop dangerous behavior before someone gets hurt.

2. Get swimming lessons

Make sure everyone in your family is a confident swimmer by enrolling kids (and maybe even adults) in age-appropriate swimming lessons. Swimming lessons for children can start when they are as young as 3 years old — and the more experience they have in the water, the better off they’ll be. Lessons will not only teach children how to swim with proper form, but will also help them feel more comfortable in the water. Many swimming lessons also instill general safety tips that will help kids internalize what safe swimming and pool use looks like.

3. Enforce a ‘walking only’ policy

Many swimming pool accidents don’t even take place in the water. Slips and falls around the pool are a major reason for pool-related injuries and urgent care visits, largely because the area around the pool can often be slick or slippery when it gets wet, and is not a forgiving surface if you fall. For this reason, it is wise to enforce a strict “walking only” policy around the pool to prevent possible slips and injuries.

4. Check pool equipment

If you own a pool, it’s a good idea to give your pool a check up at the beginning of the season — especially if it’s been out of use through the winter. Make sure that any protruding bolts or sharp edges have appropriate protective covering. Check that all ladders and handrails are well secured. Diving boards should be covered with a non-slip material — remember, these wear out over time and need to be replaced.

Where to go when accidents happen

Even when following these guidelines for pool safety, accidents can happen. In the event of an injury or mishap, head for your nearest urgent care center, where you should be able to expect quick and highly professional treatment. If the injury is potentially life-threatening, head straight for the ER.

Hopefully these pool safety tips will help you and your family avoid mishaps and accidents this summer. Enjoy the water!

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