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4 Common Work-Related Injuries and How to Prevent Them

There’s nothing fun about workplace injuries. But many of us spend hours a day on the job, and it’s inevitable that injuries or stresses should happen from time to time. So what are the most common work-related injuries? What can employers and workers do to prevent them?

Repetitive Motion Strain

Whether you’re working a factory job or a desk job, if there are repetitive motions involved in your daily work routine, you might be at risk of a muscle strain or other injury. Your first line of defense against these sorts of injuries is to pay attention to what your body is telling you. It can be easy to get into a zone and ignore aches and pains, but this isn’t healthy. Take frequent breaks to stretch or change your position in order to keep your muscles relaxed and nimble.

Computer Use Injuries

Injuries related to computer use are becoming more common as an increased number of employees are logging long hours behind a computer screen. From carpal tunnel syndrome to neck and back pain, there are a number of injuries that can result from prolonged computer use. Prevent these injuries by checking your form while at the computer. Your shoulders should be back, both feet should rest squarely on the floor, and your screen should be at eye level. You may need to ask you employer to invest in an ergonomic desk chair, or a raised computer desk to accommodate these needs.


Overextension is one of the most common workplace injuries. Typically a result of lifting, carrying, or moving a heavy object with improper form, overextension can result in torn muscles or disk herniation. Even if you don’t do any sort of physical labor in your job, poor posture or holding one position for too long can also result in overextension. Practice good form if you ever need to lift or move heavy objects, ensuring you have proper grip. If you sit at a desk for long hours, practice good posture and stretch regularly to keep your muscles relaxed.

Slips and Falls

Accidents can happen anywhere, and work is no exception. Whether due to a wet floor, loose carpeting, or a misplaced computer cord, there are a number of culprits that can cause falls. Always pay attention to your surroundings (yes, that means keeping your eyes where you’re walking and not on your cell phone). Keep your workspace clean, and never run wires or extension cords where you or others will be walking.

Finding a Reliable Urgent Care Center Near You

Urgent care centers that specialize in occupational medicine are a great resource for businesses who want to be more proactive about preventing workplace injuries, and treating them quickly and effectively when they occur. Taking your workplace health more seriously is a positive step for employers and employees alike — but it’s important to find an urgent care provider with a specific focus in workplace health, in order to make sure your workplace receives the maximum benefit in terms of injury prevention and treatment.

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