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3 Common Causes of Foot and Ankle Injuries in Kids

Parents have a lot of things to consider as they raise kids. There are questions of schooling and education, nutrition, and so many other things. Keeping your kids healthy is at the top of your list, but sometimes the amount of information out there is overwhelming. Is it really possible to think ahead and prevent every type of injury or illness? Not exactly. People who try to do this often find themselves exhausted.

But it’s good to absorb answer to commonly asked question, and build a working knowledge of how to keep your kids safe and happy throughout the year. For example, what about those little ankles and feet? It’s very common for kids to have a twisted ankle, a sprain, or even a fracture in severe cases. After all, they like to run around — and they may not realize the dangers inherent in various situations.

We’ve covered the different types of foot and ankle injuries elsewhere in this blog, and we’ve discussed how prevention is key. So let’s look at a few common causes of foot and ankle injuries in kids. By understanding how these things commonly happen, parents can do a better job preventing them in the future.

1. Sports

Kids who play sports like soccer, basketball or football run higher risks of foot and ankle injuries. When they get older and join track or cross country teams, feet and ankles can also be under a lot of stress. Any sport that has kids changing directly quickly is liable to produce foot or ankle injuries.

2. Playing with other kids

We all know things can get rowdy when kids get together. It’s perfectly natural for them to run around, but it’s important to instill good safety habits in kids, and remind them to always play safe and look out for the safety of others. Foot and ankle injuries often result when groups of kids play together.

3. Falls

Kids have a lot of energy to burn, and that’s something we adults love about them. But it also means they can be a bit reckless sometimes, and cause themselves to fall. Slippery driveways and sidewalks in the winter (especially if your kids walk to and from school) are also a source of injuries to the feet and ankles.

When to seek evaluation

If your child twists an ankle or is experience foot pain, and the problem doesn’t seem very serious, you might consider the usual forms of first aid (ice packs and elevation) to see if symptoms resolve. In cases where the child is clearly in pain, urgent care is a fantastic option, because you get right in to see the doctor or nurse without waiting. Accurate diagnosis and treatment will have your child on the mend on no time.

It’s important to take foot and ankle injuries seriously in children, and when in doubt, err on the side of caution. Children can injure the growth plates near their joints in the ankles or feet, and if this happens, remember to visit a provider at Family First Urgent Care, in Oakhurst or Toms River.

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