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10 Reasons to Have an Annual Physical Every Year

Regardless of your age, gender, or current lifestyle, getting an annual physical is critical in boosting your overall health and wellness. The reason behind this is that getting a physical exam helps identify health issues before they get worse. This article explains ten important reasons you should always have an annual physical exam.

1. Evaluates Your State of Wellbeing

The first reason you should consider having an annual physical is that it evaluates your overall health and wellness. It helps diagnose potential health issues that may be cropping up in your body. By identifying ailments early enough, you can get early treatment, which is critical in minimizing the chances of life-threatening diseases.

2. Helps Manage Your Existing Medications

If you are already under medication, having an annual physical helps your doctor know your progress. This information helps the physician to have an understanding of the prescriptions that are working. If you use supplements and over-the-counter drugs, your doctor will ensure they do not react with each other. In addition, your healthcare provider will assist you manage any side effects.

3. Updates Your Vaccinations

Vaccines are not only important for kids, but also for adults. Most adults tend to forget about their vaccines. However, this should not be the case, as vaccines help prevent the occurrence of dangerous diseases. By having an annual physical exam, your physician will get the chance to have a look at your vaccination history and any risk factors. Through this, the doctor will recommend the right vaccines for you.

4. Minimizes Healthcare Costs

Getting an annual physical helps reduce healthcare bills in the long-term. This happens because you are able to identify diseases early, meaning that you can have them treated before they become a huge health concern. Since bigger health problems attract greater costs, getting a regular physical reduces medical expenditure.

5. Identifies the Cause of Your Ailments

Many factors could be leading to your ailments. The best way to know this is to visit your doctor on a regular basis. For instance, stress is a major cause of health conditions that not many people know about. Increased stress levels has been known to cause numerous diseases that are both physical and psychological. Such ailments include depression, high blood pressure, mental disorders, and hypertension. Getting an annual physical can help evaluate the causes of your diseases, allowing you to prevent them by living a healthier life.

6. Reduces Your Risk for Disease

By visiting a healthcare provider every year, you will get guidance on the best way to minimize your risk for disease. For instance, your physician can offer advice on how to manage high blood pressure and weight. You can also be advised to stop smoking, reduce alcohol intake, and to start working out.

7. Helps Prevent Cancer

Cancer is becoming a common health condition. To avoid taking any chances, you need routine cancer screenings, as they help detect cancer in its earliest stages. At this time, cancer is more treatable, which greatly reduces its devastating health effects.

8. Ensures Proper Functioning of Body Organs

Body organs such as the liver, kidney, and heart can break down without your knowledge. By getting a frequent physical, you can ensure that they are functioning in the right way. If there is any problem, you can have it handled as soon as possible.

9. Helps Develop a Good Relationship with Your Physician

Most people ignore this part, but getting an annual physical from the same doctor helps improve the relationship between you and the healthcare provider. The built trust goes a long way in helping ensure you get the best care. Your physician will have a good history about you, and will thus have the right information to change things up when your health is not going very well.

10. Updates Your Medical Records

Many things do change within a year. Therefore, it is critical to ensure your medical records are up to date. Your yearly physical exam is the ideal time to allow your doctor to make the right changes regarding your health.

You need regular medical checkup to keep track of your overall health. Visiting your healthcare provider at least once a year helps prevent the occurrence of diseases in the future, assists to manage existing medications, updates your medical records, and minimizes future healthcare costs. In addition to this, it helps you establish a proper relationship with your physician, which ensures you get the best healthcare service. It is said that prevention is better than cure. So, consider making physical exams your annual routine.

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