Wishing summer wasn’t coming to an end at Carteret Beach in Seaside Heights! (September 2017)

Happy Labor Day! Stitches getting lots of love at Carteret Beach in Seaside Heights! (September 2017)

Relaxation, sunshine and a cool breeze in Carteret Beach in Seaside Heights! (September 2017)

Happy Labor Day from Sunset Beach in Seaside Heights ( September 2017).

Stitches enjoying Sunset Beach in Seaside Heights (September 2017).

Holiday happenings gotta include Stitches! Our mascot soaking in the last drops of summer in Seaside Heights! (September 2017)

Getting some Vitamin D at the Jersey Shore along with these beach goers at Brick Beach 1! (August 2017)

Because at Family First, you’re more than a customer…You’re Family! (August 2017)

Brick Beach 1 is just what the doctor ordered on this stellar summer day! (August 2017)

Our beach bum making new friends at Brick Beach 1!! (August 2017)
Mascot meets mascot at the Blue Claws game in Lakewood! (August 2017)

Hey batter, batter! Fun night at a Blue Claws game in Lakewood. (August 2017)

A hit with the ladies in Lakewood! A visit from Stitches at the Blue Claws game in Lakewood is a grand slam with fans! (August 2017)

Always a treat spending time in Asbury Park and making new friends! (August 2017)

The Asbury Hotel is AWESOME! What a trendy hot spot for Stitches to chill out! (August 2017)

We heart NJ and Stitches! What a welcoming, friendly bunch on Bridge Avenue in Bay Head. (August 2017)

Stitches is so happy to see all the kids wearing helmets in Bay Head on their scooters and bicycles. Great job! (August 2017)

Say Cheese! Selfies with Stitches in Bay Head! Let’s start a trend! (August 2017)

Enjoying Bridge Avenue in Bay Head! Stitches blowing bubbles (courtesy of Family First) with new friends. (August 2017)

A lovely afternoon in Bay Head. The beautiful Jersey Shore community is a hop, skip, and a jump from our new office on Hooper Avenue in Toms River. (August 2017)

Meeting Stitches after a day at the beach in Ocean Grove! Bubbles and beach balls all around! (July 2017)

What a stud! Stitches hits the beach in Belmar in his dapper swim trunks! What a blast meeting vacationers and other beach goers! (August 2017)

Behind the Scenes with Physician Assistant Melissa Monaghan! Watch her “Your Daily Dose” debut on our Family First Urgent Care YouTube channel and please subscribe! (August 2017)

Ocean Grove and Stitches perfect together! (July 2017)

Hugs!!! A precious moment on the boardwalk in Asbury Park. (July 2017)

Behind the Scenes with Dr. Rich shooting a video about dehydration! Watch Your Daily Dose segments on YouTube on our Family First Urgent Care channel. (July 2017)

Greetings from Asbury Park! Stitches says beach balls and bubbles for everyone! (July 2017)

Dr. Rich and Stitches on a shoot in Allenhurst filming a segment of Your Daily Dose! (July 2017)

Too cute! Stitches and Dr. Rich are perfect together filming our health tip videos for you at the Jersey Shore. (July 2017)

Handsome in Pink! Stitches chillin’ at Igloo Italian Ice in Oakhurst. Yummy! (July 2017)

Gotta stop into Marathon for a slice while in Seaside Heights! Stitches spreading the word about our new Toms River office nearby. (July 2017)

Hope Stitches ran into you in downtown Lavallette! Our beach balls and bubbles were a big hit! (July 2017)

A hot one!! Stitches broke in his new swim trunks in Ortley Beach on this scorching day. (July 2017)

Stitches wishes someone would pick him up once in a while! A dog’s life in Ortley Beach! (July 2017)

Bubbles for everyone! Stitches is so glad these new friends in Ortley Beach enjoyed them! (July 2017)

Have you met Stitches? Meet him and see our Family First mobile cruising the Jersey Shore this summer! (July 2017)

Carousel Ice Cream in Toms River lifts everyone’s spirits, including Stitches… even on this rainy day. (July 2017)

Surfs up with Stitches at Brick Beach III. (July 2017)

Stitches chilling on the Seaside Heights boardwalk! (June 2017)

Yummy! Stitches is going to snatch that cone at Carousel Ice Cream in Toms River! It’s right near our office on Hooper Avenue. (July 2017)

Bubbles courtesy of Stitches at Igloo in Oakhurst. (July 2017)

Will Stitches make the wedding album? Congrats to the Bride and Groom at Windward Beach in Brick. (June 2017)

Our mascot Stitches at the 250th Birthday Bash for Toms River in Huddy Park. (June 2017)

Downtown Lavallette with Stitches! (June 2017)

Our mascot Stitches giving out water at Pier Village in Long Branch to help keep people hydrated. (June 2017)

Stitches posing with the ladies at the Toms River Food Fest! (May 2017)

No Jersey Shore tour would be complete without a stop by Stitches at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park! (May 2017)

Stitches makes new friends at Windward Beach in Brick. (June 2017)