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Can Wellness Programs Help Your Employees?

Every business, whether large or small, is looking for better performance. It doesn’t matter what type of business it is — being successful is all about looking for ways to increase productivity and decrease unneeded expenses. One of the great things that has happened in recent decades is that business leaders are recognizing, more and […]


How Do I Make Sure My Workers’ Compensation Claim is Handled Correctly?

Although many work-related injuries can be prevented through knowledge and awareness, the reality is that accidents happen at the workplace. Whether it’s a slip, a lesion or a stress-related injury, workers need medical care when they’re injured. Workers’ Compensation policies are held by businesses for just this reason. When an accident or injury takes place, […]


4 Common Mistakes That Affect Worker’s Compensation

Being injured at work is never an easy experience. In addition to the injury itself, you’re often left with more questions than answers. Will workers’ compensation cover the cost of my medical treatment? Have I done the right things in the right order to qualify for coverage? Should I delay treatment until I know exactly […]


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