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Your Daily Dose #5 – Toms River Ribbon Cutting

A big thank you to everyone who came out to our grand opening and ribbon cutting. Mayor Tom Kelaher graciously doing the honors. I so appreciate all our team’s hard work bringing our services to Silverton. It’s gorgeous inside – warm and comforting, not stuffy and sterile. So, we hope you don’t get sick, but […]


Your Daily Dose #4 – Dr. E Discusses the Family First Name

When Dr. E. Mojares’s two sons who are medical doctors were residents, he told them, “When you want to practice medicine, this is one thing that you have to remember. You treat them like a family. Like they are your mother, father, brother, son or daughter. You will not go wrong there.” Click to subscribe […]


Your Daily Dose #3 – Flying and Ear Pain

Dr. Rich Mojares says, “It’s spring break time! We are all traveling and some of us are flying. We’ve all been there when we’ve had a crying child in the back of a plane or in the seat next to you. You feel bad for the parents, you feel bad for everyone around them and […]


Your Daily Dose #2 – Allergies vs Cold?

Dr. Rich Mojares says, “Allergies or cold? One of the most common questions that people ask me is, they say ‘Hey Doc, is this an allergy or is this a cold?’ My question to them is, ‘Do you normally get allergies?’ And if they say no, chances are it’s a cold. If you get fever, […]


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