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September’s to do list: get a flu shot

You might not be thinking about the flu right now, but you should. Often, people will wait until October or November to get their flu shot, but to maximize benefit, we recommend getting vaccinated in September. It takes approximately three weeks for the flu vaccine to work through a person’s body and establish immunity. Just […]


Should I Give My Child a Tetanus Shot?

You’ve probably heard of—and received—a tetanus shot, but many of us don’t know what tetanus actually is. Tetanus is a serious, but fortunately rare condition caused by bacteria called Clostridium Tetani. The bacteria are often found in soil and the manure of animals like horses and cows. If it enters the body through a wound, […]


Flu Vaccinations and Your Child: What You Should Know

Flu vaccinations have become a hot topic amongst parents, doctors, and anyone else concerned with the health of children. Some say there is no reason any child should be denied a seasonal flu vaccination. Children are, after all, more susceptible to the virus. Vaccination can offer added protection, limits the scope of flu outbreaks in […]


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