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Playground Safety Tips for Concerned Parents

Every parent knows how nerve wracking it can be to send your child to school for the first time. Suddenly they’re spending a large part of the day under the supervision of someone else. As a parent, it’s normal to worry about what could happen. But as time goes on you begin to relax, and […]


4 Back-to-School Health Tips for Your Kids

There are a lot of things to love about sending kids back to school in the fall, but cold and flu season isn’t one of them. It seems inevitable that within the first three weeks of school, half of kids in a class will come down with something. How can you help keep your kids […]


What Pediatric Needs Can Urgent Care Centers Meet?

One of the hallmarks of being a good parent is being informed about things you may not have known about before your children were born. Young children are at a point where they are constantly learning and absorbing new information; but it’s amazing how much information parents also have to learn and absorb in order […]


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