September’s to do list: get a flu shot

You might not be thinking about the flu right now, but you should. Often, people will wait until October or November to get their flu shot, but to maximize benefit, we recommend getting vaccinated in September. It takes approximately three weeks for the flu vaccine to work through a person’s body and establish immunity. Just […]


Does My Child Have a Sinus Infection?

Every parent knows that runny noses are a fact of life. Colds will come and go, and most of the time they’re over and done with in no time at all. Sometimes, though, a child’s cold can persist and can lead to other problems such as a sinus infection. A sinus infection, also known as […]


Your Daily Dose #19 – Is a Sore Throat Strep?

Your child has a sore throat. Could it be strep requiring an antibiotic? In this latest edition of Your Daily Dose, our Dr. Janeen Miraglia tells us what we need to know.


Time to toughen up, New Jersey

Had a great conversation this morning with Dr. Rich Mojares who’s one of the more well known Jersey shore docs. Of course mainly it’s his office mascot Stitches who people remember. Nothing like branding your business with a great dog! We discussed a couple serious subjects during the conversation. So many people are quick to […]


Common Injuries in the Kitchen and How to Prevent Them

Most injuries don’t occur during dramatic (or even necessarily athletic) situations, but during everyday activities. Ask any urgent care doctor or nurse and they’ll probably confirm it! So many injuries can be prevented with a sharper awareness of the mistakes people commonly make, and the situations that cause them. The kitchen is one of the […]


Your Daily Dose #16 – Why We Started Family First!

In Your Daily Dose #16, Dr. E Mojares once again takes the mic. He started Family First Urgent Care back in 1981. So why the need for an urgent care facility? Dr. E sums it up in this segment… no appointment necessary and a critical need for top notch health care.


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