What are the dangers of swimming at a polluted beach?

As reported in NJ.com on July 25, 2017. “The Jersey Shore had a high number of beach closures and advisories Tuesday because of elevated bacteria levels following major storms over the past few days. The state Department of Environmental Protection’s website lists three beach closures on the Toms River as well as water quality advisories […]


Drink up…water, that is. Your Daily Dose #12 – Stay Hydrated!

This summer, many are looking forward to a lot of beach days and spending time outdoors. In hot weather, it’s very important to drink more water than usual. Dehydration occurs when the body doesn’t have enough fluid to function properly and the ramifications can be serious. Being properly hydrated makes certain an adequate supply of […]


What Exactly is a Sunburn?

Summer is in full swing…pool parties, beach days, picnics in the park, and spectacular sunsets bursting on the horizon. So far this summer has hosted some of the most beautiful days this year, complete with billowing white puffs of clouds skimming across clear blue skies, and golden rays of sunlight beaming down to warm our […]


High Blood Pressure: What to Know

It’s estimated that about 75 million Americans, or 1 in 3 adults, currently have high blood pressure — which is a leading cause of heart disease. While high blood pressure (HBP, also known as hypertension) is a pervasive health issue in our society, the good news is that HBP is most often a direct result […]


What People Should Know About Tetanus

Scraped knees are a normal part of being a kid. Whether on the playground or at the beach, kids are likely to fall down and sustain a minor injury now and again — but some scrapes and cuts are more dangerous than others, especially if there could be a risk of tetanus. Tetanus is a […]


Your Daily Dose #10 – Dr. Rich Talks About Dry Drownings

Dr. Rich tells us about Dry Drownings… how they happen and the symptoms. Keep your family safe this summer.


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