How to Prevent Sports Injuries in the New School Year

With each new school year comes a slew of new teachers, friends, classes, and extracurricular activities for children. There are also a whole new set of sports leagues and activities — which means that injuries can and do occur. While some injuries are inevitable, there is plenty you can do as a parent to help […]


Poison Prevention: What Every Parent Should Know

Situations in which a child is poisoned by ordinary household substances are one of a parent’s worst nightmares. It’s almost impossible to maintain a home without various products and chemicals that post a threat to curious kids, and parents are wise to be on their guard. There are a couple of reasons to relax and […]


Keep water in the pool, not your ears

It’s that time of year. You’ve just enjoyed a beautiful afternoon at the beach or pool only to have your child miserable the next day with pressure and pain from water in the ears. Unfortunately, many of us are familiar with that kind of discomfort from an earache. Water can lodge in the ear canal […]


‘Dry drowning’ outcome need not be tragic

by Dr. Richard Mojares APP original post Sadly, in recent news, there have been several reports detailing the tragedy of what is becoming known across America as “dry drowning.” Only a few weeks ago, the story of a Texas toddler made the news when the 4-year-old passed away a week after a seemingly harmless incident […]


4 Possible Reasons for Your Abdominal Pain

Everyone’s experienced a stomach ache at one point or another. In the best of cases, it’s merely because you ate too much ice cream — and it will go away on its own. In other instances,you might have persistent or recurring abdominal pain with causes that just aren’t clear. If abdominal pain lasts more than […]


Can My Urgent Care Center Give Me an EKG?

Heart health is incredibly important to living a long and comfortable life. While most of us know what we should be doing to promote heart health (getting regular exercise, avoiding saturated fats, etc.), not everyone knows what to do in case of unfamiliar chest pain. The fact is, any kind of chest pain or difficulty […]


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